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Handbook for We the People:

A Primer on Strict Construction of the Constitution

We are introducing a new book to future Constitution Boot Camps.  It is “The Handbook for We The People.”  It is authored by Bob Hilliard.  Bob graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches in 1971 with a BBA in Business and spent most of his time prior to 2009 managing and design consulting in the foodservice business.

After years of study on the strict construction of the Constitution under his mentor, Hilliard decided to write The Handbook for We the People.

This book teaches what most other books on this subject fail to teach.  A strict construction approach to understanding the Constitution is eye-opening.  It is not common knowledge, but should be, as most of what has been taught and promoted in the past hundred years is contrary to the founders’ intentions.  Bob’s approach uses only original source documents in order to get the most truthful and authoritative meanings in the Constitution as the founders intended.

We will have this book available to you for a donation of $10 ! That is  $9 below the Amazon price ! We will have them available at our Boot Camp classes and at other special events we do like the Patriot Fair.

If  you want a copy you can order it by emailing Jim Lewis with the number you want. We then will make arrangements to get it to you.

Get your copy on order today !

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We The People Fight Tyranny

The American-made We The People Fight Tyranny board game is a fun and easy way for families to LEARN and REMEMBER World history and the American story !

This more than just a fun game. It is an interactive American history curriculum that helps families learn history in a fun way. It uses hundreds of stories and pictures from American and World history to teach the difference between liberty and tyranny !

This game is a history/government curriculum presented in a format of discussion so kids will learn, retain and be prepared to defend liberty over entitlement. It's time to start learning from the past by using stories about the people, events, documents, and faith from America's rich heritage to ingrain Constitutional principles into kids today. 

Teach yourselves and your kids history the fun way! Grab some snacks, play the game and share some laughs ! Have a discussion... and restore America ! This game is good for ages 14 and up !

Go to the YouTube video on the left for a short introduction to the game !

We can offer you the We The People Fight Tyranny Game for a donation of $45.00, $25 below the normal retail cost !

All net games donation proceeds goes to Building Blocks for Liberty.

Constitution Quest 

Knowing and understanding the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution are essential to the preservation of our Republic. The American made Constitution Quest board game is the most fun and easy way for families to learn and remember the U.S. Constitution ! The more people who learn and know the Constitution, the better our country will be.

Constitution Quest has 223 game cards filled with Constitutional information, including:

  • Three branches of government
  • Powers granted and denied
  • Checks and balances
  • Laws from the articles
  • The Bill of Rights and other Amendments
  • Historical facts and dates

Learn the Constitution as you play... the more you play the more you learn.

It has simple directions and you can play a game in less than one hour. Constitution Quest is suitable for ages 8-88 !

For a short introduction to the Constitution Quest board game watch the YouTube video on the left or go to CQ website. For a review of the game see the YouTube video on the right !

This game is fantastic for home schooling as well as being great entertainment for adults and teens who want to learn the Constitution.

Because of a special arrangement we have with the creators of the Constitution Quest game, we can offer it to you for a donation of $40.00, $20 below normal retail cost !

All net games sale proceeds goes to Building Blocks for Liberty.

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