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For those of you who came and heard KrisAnne Hallspeak, you know how powerful her message is and how well she presents it.

The last section of her seminar talked about how we can get our country back to our Constitutional roots. Part of this includes State sovereignty and the duties of State and local representatives.

In fact, KrisAnne created a short lesson that explains the origin of the Constitution and the federal government. She walks you through how the people, through their States, should be the FINAL arbiters of their own liberty. She will show the solution that the Founders gave us to rein in and check the federal government.

I tell you all this because KrisAnne has offered to come back to Ohio on November 18th and 19th and talk this through with as many State and local officials as we can get together.

How powerful would that be ? All it takes is
ONE dedicated, liberty minded legislator to start turning things around.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of my State reps standing by while the federal government shreds the remaining vestiges of State Sovereignty and THEY DO NOTHING !

The Meeting schedule is as follows:

MCL Westerville
76 East Schrock Road 
(Previously known as 60 Westerville Square)                                                         
Click on this button to see invitation
Westerville, OH 43081

6PM till 8PM for dinner on Wednesday, 18 November

11AM till 2PM for lunch on Thursday, 19 November

We need for YOU to contact your State Rep and Senator, tell them you want them to take about 90 minutes to listen to KrisAnne talk, that she is coming to Columbus for their convenience.

We have created an invitation that you can copy, personalize and then mail/email to your State Rep and Senator. You will then need to follow up with a phone call as well, urging them to make time and attend one of these meetings.

Forward this to your friends and neighbors and have them mail/email and call to urge their State Reps, County Sheriff, local officials to make one of these meetings.

We need to do this quickly, this is how we can tame the creature we created with the Constitution, a creature bent on shredding that document along with State Sovereignty and our individual liberties as well !

In Liberty,

The BBFL Board

State Sovereignty and the Duty of State Representatives