Think the Federal Government is out of control?       Our US Constitution has the answers.

Find out what the Political Class doesn't want you to know about The US Constitution?   ...Nullification?


and holding the political class ACCOUNTABLE

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...The 2nd Amendment?   ...Article V?  and much More.  ENLIST in Constitution Boot Camp TODAY!

Information Regarding 2018 Boot Camps 

  Constitution Boot Camp  

  Constitution Combat Training (CCT)

  Reclaiming the Power

We will be holding our next event, the 40th Constitution Boot Camp  on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at:
Bethel United Methodist Church
402 West Plane Street

Bethel, OH 45106

The cost of the class is still only a$25 donation which includes the books and materials and a $5 donation for each additional family member. 

For your $25 donation, you will receive two books; The Federalist Papersand The Handbook For We The People plus a binder with the presentation slides, a place to take notes and other helpful materials. For each additional $5donation, you receive an additional binder. Lunch is also included unless otherwise stated in the announcement.

For those who have already taken the class,Constitution Boot Camp will offer you a refresher on what you had before as well as a lot of new information to aid you in putting your knowledge and materials to practical use. You can repeat the course for just a $5 donation (binder included).

These sessions are appropriate for all ages from

teenagers on up.  Parents and grandparents are

encouraged to bring your children & grandchildren

to Boot Camp; for it is the younger generations that

will taste the success in this cause or suffer the decline

of a once great nation.

The class will run from 8:45 AM to 3 PM with the

doors open for check-in at 8:15 AM.

To register for the class email Jim Lewis with the

names of all attending and who gets a book and who

doesn't.  You will receive a confirmation email.

Printable flyer for Constitutional Boot Camp