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Opposition Points Against CoS HJR3

Publius Huldah Exhibits from April 11th Event in West Chester, Ohio

Publius Huldah CON Side

Steve Stechschulte Pro Side

Article V Convention Debate Held on April 11th, 2015 in West Chester, Ohio

The "Convention of States" Scam, The War Over The Constitution, And How The States Sold The Reserved Powers To The Feds

Our Declaration of Independence (2nd Para) sets forth our long forgotten founding principles that:

  • All men are created equal
  • Rights come from God
  • People create governments to secure God-given rights. The first three words of our Constitution throw off the European model where political power originates with the State; and establishes the new principle that "WE THE PEOPLE" are the "pure, original fountain of all legitimate political authority" (Federalist No. 22 last sentence)
  • When government seeks to take away our God-given rights, we have the right to alter, abolish or throw off that form of government.

These are the principles which justified our revolution against a king.

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Delegates to an Article V Convention Can't Be Controlled By State Laws

by Publius Huldah

The below link will make available to you all of the exhibits referred to in the videos.

This speech was presented to Campaign for Liberty - Memphis on March 24, 2014. It exposes some of the false claims made by those pushing for the so called "convention of States".


By Publius Huldah

Straight Talk About An Article V Convention