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Building Blocks for Liberty is the brainchild of Marines Jim Lewis and John Hindery.

In the United States Marine Corps, Jim and John spent four years defending the United States and the Constitution they took an oath to uphold and protect. As American citizens, they became increasingly alarmed as they watched in astonishment the endless attacks on the liberties of Americans by an overreaching government. Determined to stop the daily barrage of misinformation, the two men decided to combine their love of history with a desire to educate the public with the truth about the Constitution, and developed the unique teaching partnership now known as Building Blocks for Liberty.

The first Constitution class began in 2011 as a 10-week course and met once-a-week. Due to the time commitment required, many who wanted to attend could not. However, people were able to attend a more compact, one-day version of this popular course, so, in 2013; the first "Boot Camp" was born.

In July of 2014,
Building Blocks for Liberty (BBFL) was incorporated to be an organizational umbrella. Its mission is to educate people about the truth of the Constitution

To date, BBFL has taught 39 Constitution Boot Camps in southern Ohio, SE Indiana and Northern Kentucky. Using materials provided by BBFL, this class is also now being taught as far away as Texas.

Currently, we are in the process of preparing an online course capable of reaching patriots young and old from coast to coast.  This will allow easy access to the course where individuals can study it one module at a time and complete the class at their own pace. Once the online course is completed, we also plan to make it available on DVD.


Building Blocks for Liberty is an Ohio registered non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation of the original intent of the US Constitution and the restoration of a Federal government that operates according those precepts and principles set forth by our founders.  We do this by educating our citizens "We the People" concerning our three major founding documents; the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and The Federalist Papers, which were designed to further explain and clarify the intent of specific passages and principles set forth in the Constitution. 

History has proven that elected officials are as fallible as the rest of humanity.  As such, the founders understood that a government would stay within its prescribed, limited bounds only if its citizens were educated and actively participated in the process.  From their exhaustive analysis of previous governmental systems they concluded that government would not automatically operate in the best interest of it's citizens.   Thus, they designed a Constitutional Republic which makes "We the People" an integral part of the process and maintenance of that government.


Our Constitution Boot Camps equip you with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to recognize government over-reach, usurpation of power and other activities not granted to the Federal government by We The People. With your understanding of the Constitution, your eyes will be open to see just how far all facets of the Federal government have strayed from the Constitution and the Founder's conception of Central Government; which has resulted in the erosion of much of our freedom.  If you and enough of your fellow citizens become informed, perhaps We The People will one day rise up and reign in this beast called the Federal government and once again make it a government that derives its just powers by the consent of governed.  


Constitution Education through our Constitution Boot Camp:

Boot Camp is a six-hour workshop that outlines the key concepts and ideas of the Constitution in simple, easy-to-understand terms. It is appropriate for teenage students and older.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How did the Founders view government?
  • What is the US Constitution ?
  • What are Natural Law / Natural Rights?
  • What is the difference between a Republic and a Democracy?
  • How do you use the Federalist Papers to understand the US Constitution?
  • What is Nullification?
  • And much more!

Boot Camp  participants receive a binder with the presentation, 2 handbooks, The Federalist Papers and The Handbook For We the People, plus a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution.


Senior Citizens, Parents, Home School Students, Teachers, High School and College Students, Law School Students and their Professors, Law Enforcement officials, Government officials, CEOs, Corporate Executives and everyone who loves freedom and wants to know what they don't know about the Constitution!

Constitution Boot Camp can be tailored to specific groups, time constraints, ages and educational levels.

About Building Blocks for Liberty


If you are a church or other religious congregation, a civic organization, a business, a government agency, a club or fraternal organization and are interested in hosting a Constitution Boot Camp at your facility, we will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs and limitations.  We are especially interested in presenting this vital information in high schools, home school coops and colleges to better inform young voters of their heritage, their rights and their responsibilities under the US Constitution.  We will work with Civics and Government teachers to make the presentation dovetail with your class outline.  You can even schedule us into your class syllabus for the upcoming semester. 

PLEASE CONTACT Jim Lewis at:   jim@buildingblocksforliberty.org  and find

out just how easy it is.

Think the Federal Government is out of control?       Our US Constitution has the answers.